I first fell in love with classic trailers early on, watching my father carefully restore these campers in our own backyard. A few years ago I borrowed a fiberglass trailer from him and I fell in love all over again. I started taking the trailer out on weekends and visiting parts of California that I never knew existed. I was amazed at how comfortable, easy and efficient the trailer was, and that there were so many places where I could just pull it in, set up camp, and wake up to a beautiful sunrise. As my bond with the little trailer grew, I started restoring other vintage trailers and soon found myself with a driveway full of these egg-shaped campers. Happier Camper is the result of this; a start-up venture renting new and restored vintage ultra-light trailers with an emphasis on camper-friendly design, utility, flexibility and above all, fun!

It’s been a few years since we began working on the HC1, our first production trailer. This unique trailer is inspired by classic design but packed with modern functionality. Through our rental business we spent years reconditioning vintage trailers and taking note of the features that made them great. By adopting the best parts and adding a few new ideas of our own, we’ve designed and built what we think is a distinct and remarkably useful travel trailer. We’ve come a long way and are thrilled to share the results with you.

Derek M., Founder

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