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Introducing: HC Labs

Introducing: HC Labs

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Innovation is at the heart of what we do. By pushing the boundaries of our designs and creating new products, Happier Camper is dedicated to creating limitless adventure for all. Since our company was founded in Los Angeles in 2014, we have helped our community explore further by introducing and refining our fiberglass trailers and modular Adaptiv system.


When we are working through our design process, we’re relying on years of experience camping in remote places, customer feedback, and progressive technology.

Derek May founded what would become Happier Camper by first restoring vintage trailers, and later creating the original HC1 travel trailer. By taking these earlier HC1 units out into California’s vast Mojave Desert, or the mountainous back roads near Big Bear, he would tweak the design with his team of technicians until it was “just right”.


As the company has experienced immense growth since then, our product design process has dually evolved. By introducing HC Labs, Happier Camper is sharing our dedication to foster the development of new ideas, cultivate them, and transform existing products- all to help our customers enjoy their next adventure better.

HC Labs have both streamlined our product design process and helped us tap into the energy and momentum of creating the next thing. It also confirms our dedication to making innovation our “North Star”, or the focus of our organization.

Through an iterative process, teams featuring designers, sales reps, and production technicians collaborate to create new products, or refine old favorites, for our customers. Each of ourmaterial choices and designs are guided by the conceptsof being lightweight, strong, long-lasting, beautiful, ergonomic, and having retro-modern aesthetics.

These concepts have helped usintroduce the Traveler, which was built for adventurers who want to explore for longer, or even live on the road full- time, without sacrificing creature comforts such as a fully-integrated bathroom and kitchenette.

By including two additional modular living spaces, Happier Camper is challenging our industry’s norms of functionality and space.

Unlike other trailer companies, customers will always be able to order new Adaptiv components as they will always integrate with the modular floor of our campers or van conversion kits.


Sometimes, we’ll work with distinctive international brands to create a unique collaboration for products like theHappier Camper x Mogics(South Korea) Rear Hatch Extended Room, or an exclusive, limited edition textile product with Belmont Blankets (Portland, OR) for our customers.


By creating the HC Labs, Happier Camper is reinventing the travel trailer landscape with bold innovations in design, pioneering modularity and flexibility, and empowering our customers to enjoy whatever their journey brings.

There are always new, incredible products in the works.  The adventure is just beginning.