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Savings have never been better!

We have curated three special packages for families of all sizes to enjoy at a great price. The HC1 and the Traveler have the new family package, which includes our unique convertible bunkbed / couch, kitchenette, and fridge. Savings are over $6,000!

MSRP starting at $29,950


Our flagship travel trailer, the HC1 was built to adapt to your needs.

The modular interior and the highly versatile bunk bed/couch make it easy to reconfigure the camper for any adventure.

The best part of building an HC1—customization! With our unique Adaptiv® system, the interior is fully modular and can be changed on the fly.

Modular components, such as the kitchenette and bed, are made from lightweight, durable materials and can be rearranged and used outside.

MSRP starting at $39,950


The HC1 Studio was designed to accommodate a solo traveler or couples in an intimate setting.

With a built-in wet bathroom and fully-appointed kitchenette, the HC1 Studio provides essential comforts with an innovative modular sleeping & dining area.

It features the same compact footprint and long-lasting fiberglass shell as the HC1.

MSRP starting at $49,950


You can go anywhere without sacrificing comfort or versatility with the Traveler. It has been optimized to provide you with the flexibility you need to work, relax, and enjoy life on the road.

With two dedicated living spaces and an integrated bathroom & kitchenette, the Traveler is unlike any other camper in its class.

This family package includes a bunk bed/couch allowing you to sleep up to 5.


Our highly flexible Adaptiv® modular interior system allows you to easily customize your trailer on-the-fly while doubling as storage and seating when you're on the road.


The high-quality materials used by Happier Camper mean your camper will last for years to come. That also means it will have a great resale value. 


Born at the intersection of form and function, the HC1 is a retro-modern statement of utility meeting fun. Add our forward-thinking Adaptiv® system and the package is complete.

Make it your own

Travel trailers can be outfitted with upgrades, such as solar and cooling packages. You can also get a custom gelcoat color to match your favorite colors.