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Two-burner Stove Top

A handcrafted, dual-burner portable camp stove with beautiful brass and wood finishing. Uses 1 lb propane canisters. Swedish engineering; immaculate design and construction.

Burner can boil water in as little as three minutes in optimal camp conditions Independent controls for grill and burner A piezoelectric igniter lets you start the stove without matches or singeing your thumb with a lighter Burner features 12,000 BTUs of power and the grill features 9,700 BTUs Fold-up metal sides and lid serve as a windscreen to keep the heat close and the desert dust out of your dinner, as well as to cover the stove when you pack up camp Includes fuel hose and regulator compatible with most propane canisters, but stove also converts to use a large propane tank with an adapter (propane tank sold separately)