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Dry Flush Toilet

Revolutionary in its design and function, the DryFlush is a completely waterless toilet. The DryFlush is battery operated and uses a special compacting system to seal and store waste with the push of a button. Hygienic, odorless, and biodegradable, each DryFlush cartridge can be used for a total of 17 "flushes" before disposal and a new cartridge are needed.

Battery-operated flushing system bags and seals waste with the push of a button Double-layered bagging system yields 15-17 flushes per disposable cartridge Cartridge extracts easily Includes 12 V battery and power adapter with 7' cord. Weighs 26 lbs.; weight capacity 500 lbs. Includes 1 flushing cartridge.


Dry Flush Refill Bags