Adaptiv™ Component


The Kitchenette Package is a two-cube system that can be used indoors and out! 

The top modular cube features an integrated 5-gal water tank for off-grid camping, DC-powered electric pump and city-water hookups, a gray water connection plus a portable greywater bladder, a glass sink cover that folds down to cover the sink and give you more prep space, and two extension fold-up countertops. Happier Camper also provides a custom backsplash, and a built-in utensil holder. The bottom is covered by a deluxe laminate door.

Since we know not everyone wants to cook inside their camper, we provide you with a portable butane camping stove and a weather-resistant cover to store the kitchenette outdoors overnight. 

You can upgrade your kitchenette to include a gray water tank bottom cube or a drawer fridge cube. The gray water cube can store 5-gallons of water. The DC-powered drawer fridge cube holds 20L of food, is energy efficient, and can easily be used off-grid. 
Color Options:
Kitchenette with Deluxe Cube
Kitchenette with Gray Water Cube
Kitchenette with Drawer Fridge Cube