Customization Information

Customization Information

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Whether you are matching your trailer to your brand colors or want to express your individuality, Happier Camper can help you customize your trailer’s gelcoat, wood laminate, and fabric choices.

Because the customization process can be quite lengthy (especially for gelcoat), it’s important to inform the Production team about your decisions as soon as possible. The Production team will work with you throughout the customization process. In the event that your desired laminate or fabric choice is not available, the Production team will work with you to find a suitable alternative.


Happier Campers are coated in gelcoat which is known for being more lustrous and longer-lasting than paint.

Creating a custom gelcoat is a lengthy process and we have very specific requirements that will help
us achieve your desired color. Please note, Happier Camper cannot color match anything that is shiny, such as metal, or glittery, such as a car paint sample.

Smooth surface
Solid color
3” x 3” or larger
Glossy samples are OKNo shine or glitter

We don’t recommend sending in a textured fabric sample as the grooves from the threads can create a variance in color due to lighting and shadows. Glass, however, can work if it is solid and nontransparent.

Examples of Great Samples:

Print out of the color on paper
A printed photo
Paint on a hard surface, such as plastic or wood

Paper paint samples from hardware store

Great gelcoat examples

Left: A paper paint sample
Right: Paint on a hard surface (with matching gelcoat underneath)

Once you have your sample ready, please mail to address below and notify the Production team

Happier Camper
ATTN: Office Manager
4178 Chevy Chase Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039


Every few years, Happier Camper retires some colors from our standard color options. You might have seen images of these colors, such as Sequoia Orange or Mill Valley Evergreen, on our website or social media.

Though these options are officially retired, we can still offer them to you as a custom color option. You can let the production team know that you would like to proceed with a custom gelcoat for your camper.


Happier Camper uses high-quality laminate fromFormicafor our AdaptivTMcomponents and shelves. You can order samples directly fromFormica’s Commercial lineby creating an account on their website.

We recommend having a few choices as some might not be in stock. Once you have your decision, please contactproduction@happiercamper.comwith the product information. They will share a sample with you for your approval. There is a limit to the number of samples you can select without causing delays to your order.


Easy to clean and UV-resistant, Happier Camper uses Sunbrella fabric. If you’d like to choose a custom Sunbrella fabric, you can select from a suite of options byTrivantage, our supplier. We can get samples from theFusion CollectionandDimension Collectionunder their Sunbrella Upholstery section.

In some instances, fabrics are unavailable due to supply chain disruptions. Please choose 3-5 samples in the event that your original choice is unavailable.

Send the product number or the website link toproduction@happiercamper.comto get the samples ordered and receive a quote.

Please note that once you make your selection, our upholstery team will have to confirm the material as some choices have different thicknesses that may not work with our design patterns.

Please email if you have questions about this process.