How to Register Your Happier Camper

How to Register Your Happier Camper

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Most states require Recreational Vehicles to be titled and registered the same way as other motor vehicles. 

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Fees and tax assessment may vary. For full details, please check with the DMV in your state.

Note: You must bring your Happier Camper trailer with you when registering. VIN number verification will also be required.

For further assistance, please contact our Support team at (844) 755-2267.

Below is a checklist detailing the types of documents a DMV may require to register your camper. All documents will be given to you in your Welcome Packet when your camper is picked up or delivered. All of these documents supplied by Happier Camper should be brought with you when registering at your local DMV.

  1. Certificate of Origin
  2. Bill of Sale
  3. Sales Contract
  4. Paid Invoice
  5. Out of State Sales Tax Form (outside California only)