Introducing: The HC1 Venture

Introducing: The HC1 Venture

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Happier Camper has released a new trailer package designed to to help grow your business. The lightweight HC1 Venture is designed for brand activations, vending, and more. 

Brands like Equator Coffee and Primus customized the original HC1 model to fit their business needs, including adding serving bars and window awnings to serve their customers. Sam Adams has also utilized the HC1 for brand activations and pop-ups. The Venture includes two serving bars/windows and a built-in wraparound interior serving bar. 

The HC1 Venture is equipped with 110v and 220v systems.  Upgraded power options allow you to run more powerful commercial appliances. This is particularly relevant for espresso machines, commercial blenders, and higher capacity refrigerators. Power hook-ups are upgraded in the HC1 Venture to allow for more powerful appliances to run out of the HC1 Venture.

While everyone needs to consult their vehicle owner’s manual for tow ratings, we built the HC1 Venture to be a lightweight trailer to be towed by more commonly owned vehicles and not dedicated large trucks.