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Owner Responsibilities

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Owner Responsibilities

Prior to setting out on your first adventure, please review this general overview of the Happier Camper Owner Responsibilities. Happier Camper is always available to answer any questions you have, but we ask that you are aware of these expectations and responsibilities. Please note, this list is a general overview and may not encompass every facet of Happier Camper ownership.

Owners Manual

Prior to setting out on your first adventure, please be sure to be aware of the camper’s functions and accessories.The Sales team will host a video tutorial, allowing you to directly ask any questions you have on the functions of the Adaptiv system and further explore the functions of the camper.


Please note that each municipality may have different regulations about registering a travel trailer. You should be aware of these requirements prior to registering your camper. Generally, this must be done within the first 30 days of ownership to prevent fines from occurring.

You will also be required to remit the sales tax for the camper at the time of registration (unless you picked it up in LA, in which case you would have paid local-LA sales tax).


You will be responsible for insuring your camper.


Please read the limited 1-year structural warranty of your Happier Camper and understand its coverage, limitations, and exceptions.


You will be responsible for the maintenance and general upkeep of your trailer. A routine maintenance and cleaning schedule will help ensure the longevity of your camper. Visit the Resource Center for more tips on maintaining your camper, such as Prepare Your Camper for Winter.

Pro tip: most veteran camper owners travel with a tool kit so they can make adjustments and repairs on their camper while on the road.

Attention on the Road

Now, for a fun note. Please be aware that you may experience lots of attention while owning your camper! Whether you’re on the road or at a campsite, people will be curious about your cute camper and want to know more about it. You might even be asked for photos!   

Moon Caps

These vintage-looking HC1 accessories occasionally fall off or deteriorate due to weather and climate conditions. It is not Happier Camper’s responsibility to repair or replace these items.

Cracks Can occur

Be sure to reference the Nature of Fiberglass resource to ensure you understand the types of gelcoat cracks that sometimes occur and can even be expected throughout the ownership of your fiberglass trailer.

Rules of the Road

Prior to receiving your trailer, you must have a towing kit successfully installed

You must also know the rules of the road and have an understanding of proper towing techniques.

Here’s a helpful article that can assist you in finding a travel trailer driving school should you like to schedule an appointment.

Always use your best judgment, understand your vehicle’s towing capacity and limitations, and know how to safely load a trailer to prevent dangerous towing conditions (such as fishtailing).


Happier Camper will not be held responsible for the damage caused by improper towing or misuse of the camper, its components, and accessories.

We hope you love your trailer and look forward to the adventures ahead! As always, feel free to reach out to the Happier Camper team if you have any questions.