Recommended Accessories for your Happier Camper

Recommended Accessories for your Happier Camper

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Creature Comforts

The Guidelight by the Dutch design brand Weltevree comes with us on every adventure. We love the simple, hip design and its longevity- this dimmable LED bulb will give you more than 50,000 hours of illumination. You can rotate the light to meet your needs: it operates as a searchlight, lantern, or ambient reading light.

This is not an exaggeration: the Lazy Bear Chair by Kuma is the most comfortable camping chair. Ever. It’s insulated, cushy, and comes with a convenient carrying bag. If you’re feeling fancy, they offer a battery-powered heated version too.

Cover more ground by toting the family’s bicycles with Thule’s Camber 4 Bike Rack. The rack fits into the rear 2” hitch receiver of the HC1 and Traveler.  

lanternWeltevree’s guidelight is a crowd favorite at HC.

Upgrade the Outdoors

The Deluxe Twin Stove by Kovea is hard to beat. We prefer to cook outdoors and since we usually have friends tag along on our trips, it’s easier to have more than one burner to prepare our food with.

If you’ve opted for a forced-air heater or camp stove, be sure to bring along the proper propane tank refillsand adapters so you never run out. Check with your manufacturer to see which tanks you should have. Don’t forget to turn off the tanks and store them properly to keep them safe.

Protect yourself from the afternoon sun with a Dragon Fly Tarp of your own. The folks over at Dragon Fly know the exact dimensions of the HC1 and can customize a tarp with your own color choices.

Outside of using a Happier Camper patio base to have an outdoor living space, you can include a Mountain Summit Gear Roll Top Kitchen to give yourself some extra prep and storage space. This table conveniently folds up to fit inside a carrying case, which makes it easy to store when you’re not whipping up a gourmet meal at camp.

kovea dual burner stoveWe cook up a storm with Kovea’s dual-burner stove.

Safety First

Whether you’re storing your camper for the season or keeping it safe while you’re on the road, Curt offers a number of helpful products for securing your camper, including this 5/8” Hitch Lock. You can also check out AMPLock’s Trailer Coupler Lock.

Leaving your camper alone for a while? Give yourself some peace of mind by adding a CalAmp GPS Trailer Tracker to your camper. We’ve heard some owners use these to keep track of their camper when they lend it out or have it in storage.

If you’re leaving your camper alone for a longer period of time, add a Curt Wheel Chock Lockto your gear collection. We’d also recommend this Trimax Deluxe Chock Lock. A chock lock, coupled with a hitch lock, will make sure that your camper won’t be going from A-to-B without you! It’s easiest to add this chock lock after you’ve lowered each of the camper’s stabilizers (be sure to check the bubble level before putting away the crank).

How else can you secure your campsite? Be sure to keep valuables out of sight by storing them inside your cubes and lowering your blinds while you’re away.

Power Up

We love getting off the grid, but we don’t always want to rough it. We often bring this 3500-watt Wireless Start Inverter by Champion along to top off our battery or run the AC from just about anywhere. Keeping the battery topped off will help it last for years to come. This option may be pricey, but we’ve found that it is one of the quietest and reliable options on the market. 

Dometic’s Portable Lithium Battery can help you charge your favorite devices and is so easy to carry and store when you’re not using it.

Happier Camper offers a suite of solar options to power your camper when you’re on the road. If you add a 2,000-watt inverter to your order, you’ll be able to maximize your use of AC power with clean sine-wave energy as part of the Off-Grid Solar Package.

champion generatorStay on the grid with a generator.

Make Camp Feel Like Home

Have dirty hiking boots? Before entering your camper and storing them inside an Adaptiv cube, wipe them off on a durable mat. Even though hosing out your Happier Camper is a breeze, a good mat can be easily shaken or rinsed off to take care of leftover dirt. 

The best part of a Happier Camper is that once you unhitch it, you can push it into your campsite by hand on flat, even ground. However, once you have it in place, you wouldn’t want it moving! This Curt Wheel Chock Set will make sure this camper doesn’t go anywhere you don’t want it to. The pros at Happier Camper recommend putting the chocks in place before unhitching to prevent the camper from rolling if there’s a slope.

Emergency Gear

Medical items are an important part of your camping gear. There are many kits out there, but we really appreciate what VSSL has done with their kits. Their waterproof first-aid kit not only has your typical band-aids, it also includes a flashlight and a compass. 

A really neat tool to also have available, especially if you go to a remote area where emergency services may not get to you quickly, is an automated external defibrillator (AEDs). Rescue-One makes easy-to-use ones; you can get a discount through this link.

Some campgrounds or locations do not have the best cellular service to reach emergency services if needed. You can get a cell booster for your vehicle or camper to give you more bars.

Want More Tips?

Before you hit the road, check in with your Sales rep to answer any additional questions you may have about enjoying your Happier Camper
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