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The one that started it all for us, our flagship trailer - the HC1. Completely modular and ultralight. Easibly towable by virtually any car.

1100 LBS

dry weight

110-150 LBS

tongue weight


shell length


overall length

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Hit the road in style and comfort in our all-new Traveler. A fully-equipped trailer designed for travel and anywhere the adventure takes you.

1800 LBS

dry weight

220 LBS

tongue weight


shell length


overall length

The Nature of Fiberglass Products

The Nature of Fiberglass Products

Happier Camper utilizes fiberglass because of its beautiful aesthetic, impressive strength-to-weight ratio, and longevity.

Nature of fiberglass

Happier Camper utilizes fiberglass because of its beautiful aesthetic, impressive strength-to-weight ratio, and longevity. We like to say you never truly own a Happier Camper… you just care for it for the next generation! 

Fabrication Process

Our fiberglass campers are constructed with a strong matrix of filaments and resin that is covered with a glossy gelcoat finish. We choose gelcoat instead of paint for its luxe, shiny finish and longevity. Paint is also heavier and does not last as long- especially when exposed to the elements.

Cracking can be normal

Though it is very strong, fiberglass products are known for exhibiting small cracks and fissures called gelcoat cracks and spider cracks. They are nothing to worry about and are considered cosmetic, not structural. These minor cracks are commonplace on the gelcoat of fiberglass products. Gelcoat cracks and spider cracks are a normal part of owning any fiberglass product and can be remedied in many ways! Our Support team will be happy to walk you through your options.

It is to be expected for gelcoat cracks and spider cracks to occur in your camper. As opposed to other fiberglass objects like hot tubs, bathtubs, or airplanes, Happier Campers endure a lot of jostling while on the road which can result in these minor cracks developing. There is no way to truly avoid them but remember, they are completely normal and can be expected.

Handbuilt by Craftsmen

You will see the detailing of workmanship on each and every Happier Camper. This may include slight differences in the look or feel of the fiberglass or installation of an item in your camper. Since we don’t use a mechanized, industrialized assembly line, no two campers will be or look exactly the same.

Gelcoat and spider cracks

Happier Camper is not responsible for the incidence or repair of gelcoat cracks or spider cracks. Please know our Support team will always be happy to answer questions and assess any cracks that occur.

Contact with any questions you may have!

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