The Refined HC1: Key Features

The Refined HC1: Key Features

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Through subtle design refinements, Happier Camper has improved the design of the flagship HC1.

Fiberglass Improvements

The fiberglass of the updated HC1 has been reinforced in key areas to create a stronger, longer-lasting yet still incredibly lightweight product. The HC1 still has the same retro-modern look Happier Camper is known for.

Tiffany blue Happier Camper HC1

Improved Ridges & Cavities

The new HC1 features a new rear hatch design with stronger ridges and deeper cavities that greatly increase the structural strength and allow for easier opening & closing. This innovative design also promotes a more secure seal.

HC1 improved hinge

Elongated Rear Hatch

At 5’ long, the HC1’s new rear hatch is slightly longer and extends all the way to the fiberglass floor. Previously, the HC1 featured a 6” lip at the bottom of the rear hatch opening. This change in design makes unloading & loading heavy gear a breeze. It will also integrate well with ramps in the future.

HC1 Rear hatch

Side Door Fiberglass Brow

The HC1 features a curved “brow” above the side door which helps prevent water intrusion and acts as a rain guard during inclement weather.

Reinforced Side Door

Through changes to the design of the HC1 molds, the side door has been greatly reinforced. The door fits cleanly and securely to the body of the camper, which creates a tight seal. This will help prevent gelcoat fractures from occurring as frequently- though this will always be an area where gelcoat cracks appear.

Wheel Well Improvements

The new mold provides more coverage in the wheel well area. The fender has also been refined and is now a continuous, filled-in surface.

Exterior Changes

Amber Porch Light

Happier Camper has shifted to an amber-colored LED porch light. This is a brighter, more energy-efficient exterior lighting option.The amber cover also attracts less bugs.

Front & Back Windows

The now-operable front and rear windows offer more expansive views and can be opened to allow for greater airflow. These windows pop out using a top hinge, feature double-pane glass, and include integrated blackout blinds and screens.

Happier Camper HC1 with propped-open rear window

Built-in Side Step

The custom-designed footstep was a much-needed upgrade that entirely replaces the side door hitch receiver. The new powder-coated step was designed to easily slide in and out and does not need to be removed prior to towing. It features a durable black finish and can be upgraded to have a sustainable bamboo inlay.

HC1 foot step

RVIA Certified

Happier Camper is now RVIA Certified! By completing the RVIA certification process, customers can be assured that Happier Camper strives to exceed industry standards in safety and production quality. The RVIA certification process can also help customers secure financing. As part of our commitment to safety, every camper will come equipped with a wall-mounted fire extinguisher and C0 & smoke alarm.

Adaptiv Fridge Cube

By integrating the Dometic Coolmatic Fridge Drawer into our standard Adaptiv cubes, we are allowing for efficient and flexible grocery storage. When combined with the Dometic portable lithium-ion battery, the fridge can be powered for up to 2 days while completely off-grid. The fridge drawer fits with a low profile in a standard cube and converts unused space into efficient food storage. 

Bunk Bed Improvements

The design of the HC1’s convertible bunk bed has been improved to be sturdier and easier to use.

Kids demonstrating Happier Camper HC1 bunk beds

Textile & Upholstery improvements

Improved Side Door Pouch

The custom side door pouch has been redesigned to fit neatly into the door cavity. The deep and spacious pouch holds the stabilizer key more easily.

Improved Rear Hatch Privacy Screen & Side Door Screen

The rear hatch privacy screen was redesigned to allow for easier access. This new design can easily be rolled down to be conveniently out of the way. The newly designed side door screen allows you to have ventilation and privacy at your campsite.

Improved Rear Hatch Pouch

The newly redesigned rear hatch features two deep fabric pouches which are secured at the top with bungee ties. These easy-to-access rear pouches are perfect for storing light items like your clothes, blankets, hats, or anything else you’d like to easily access.

White HC1 parked curbside

White HC1 parked by lake