Adaptiv™ Component

Dry Flush Toilet Package

The Dry Flush Toilet Package is a great fit for any HC1. The package includes: 

  • Custom Floor Panel
  • Cover
  • Dry Flush Refill

Revolutionary in its design and function, the DryFlush is a completely waterless toilet. The DryFlush is battery operated and uses a special compacting system to seal and store waste with the push of a button. Hygienic, odorless, and biodegradable, each DryFlush cartridge can be used for a total of 17 "flushes" before disposal and a new cartridge are needed.

Use the cover to camouflage your toilet, and even use it as a seat!

Please note this item is currently backordered 2-5 weeks, so please keep that in mind before ordering. Thank you.