The 17' Traveler (HCT) has been optimized to provide you the flexibility you need to work, relax, and enjoy life on the road. Our biggest model, yet lightweight to be towed with most standard cars. Add bunkbeds to sleep more!

Two trims available:

  • Breeze

    Designed to be lighter and affordable, this camper includes a built-in kitchenette and a portable toilet.


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  • standard

    With a built-in bathroom and a built-in kitchenette, go anywhere with the comforts of home. Fully customizable.


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HCT Breeze

Most Spacious Trailer

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Built-in kitchenette:Sink with 3 gal fresh & gray water tanks, portable stove, and prep space

Adaptiv components:2 full beds + more

Other amenities: Includes a portable toilet & fridge chest

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The comforts from home on wheels

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Bathroom features: Shower, fan w/ light, toilet, and upper storage cabinet

Kitchenette features: Stainless steel sink, wine rack, storage, portable stove (upgrades available)

Adaptiv components:2 full beds + more

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adaptiv: hct beds

There are two areas to place Adaptiv components: front and rear.

The front has a 3x3 grid that can build up to a camper-queen bed.

The rear has a 3x2 grid that can perfectly fit a camper full.

Add bunk beds to sleep more!

Adaptiv: HCT Tables

There are 6 table leg mounts to pop your tables. Here are two examples using single and double table tops.

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