Adaptiv® Shower Kit

The Adaptiv® Shower Kit is a revolutionary modular kit that brings a shower to you for the road. Featured items:

  • Shower basin cube, 14-gallon grey water tank with drain and drainage spigot. The base is the size of two side-by-side half cubes.
  • Pop-up shower enclosure, made of premium double-layered fabric with an interior waterproof membrane. Features interior pockets for holding your toiletries, a large zipper door, and base snaps to keep from water spillage. Includes 1” diameter fiberglass “tent” poles. The enclosure folds down flat and fits perfectly into the shower base when stowed away. 
  • Geyser shower system, with the standard sponge hose and an additional nozzle spray. DC-powered, heats water in 5 minutes. 1-gallon capacity for 1-2 showers. Easily refill the Geyser for your next shower. 
  • Half cube with a special opening to store the Geyser shower system
  • Deluxe insulated drawer half cube to store any shower items, like shampoo OR wash tub half cube with a 7-gallon independent grey water tank with drain, drain plug, and top cover (can be used as a cutting board)

It creates 2 modular cubes when stowed, so use it as part of your bed or as your dining seats when not in use.

Use in your HC1 Breeze, HC1 Classic, HC1 Venture, Traveler Breeze, or Van Kit.

Half Cube Options:
Toilet Groove on Shower Basin Cube Options: